Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a single subject without enrolling in the degree course?

Single subjects are ideal for you if you have a specific area of skill or knowledge you want to build or you are not sure about tackling a full qualification.


The good thing is that as long as you successfully complete the assessments, you will be eligible to count the subject towards the qualification once it is accredited in May this year.


Once the award program is accredited, FEE-Help will be available.

How much time do I have to spend out of the office?

The blended subjects are delivered mostly online with a 1 to 2 day workshop so the time that you will have to spend out of the office is minimal. There are also 100% online subjects where no face-to face attendance is required.

Why should I have my staff study these subjects?

These subjects can be part of the professional and career development of your staff and used as tools for preparing current and future leaders for your organisation.  Taking a subject can help staff to fulfil a skill gap or develop specific knowledge to improve performance and efficiency. The opportunity to learn something new can also increase staff motivation and engagement. As the subjects are only 6 weeks long with a focus on practice-based activities, your staff can immediately apply what they have learnt back in the workplace.

How can I convince my boss to send me?

Take ownership of your professional development. Identify the skills and knowledge areas that you need to refine in order to improve your performance or to prepare for a greater role. Explain to your boss how the relevant subject/s will not only fulfil your skills/knowledge gap but also be shared with your team and be valuable to your organisation. 

How will this improve my career?

The legal industry is changing. These subjects are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you lead and manage legal organisations operating in a rapidly changing environment.

How much does the program cost?

Each subject costs $3300 including GST. Once accredited, if taken as part of the Master of Legal Business the subject fee will be $3,000 and FEE-Help will be applicable.


If you are a law firm wishing to enrol your staff please contact us for further details about pricing. 


View all program subjects here.

How does the cost compare to similar programs?

The College is committed to providing value for money with all its programs. With a focus on practical skills rather than theory and a deep understanding of the needs of the legal services sector, there are very few if any directly comparable programs. Looking at business-focused masters programs both in Australia and overseas the subject fee of AU$3000 sits towards the lower end of the range. Compared to short one or two-day courses which do not deliver specified learning outcomes or enable you to get credit into a larger degree, the fee represents very good value for money. Also when making comparisons please check out the people delivering the programs; we are engaging only industry leaders not academics so you are learning from those who are setting the agenda.

When does the program start?

Building trusted client relationships: Strategy and practice design is the first subject of the program. It starts on 18 February 2019.

View all program subjects here.

How long does it take to do the Master of Legal Business?

Once accredited the Master of Legal Business will be a 12-subject program. Subjects take six weeks to complete including assessment. Total degree duration will depend on your available time, subject choice and availability. The absolute minimum time would be 18 months once all subjects are developed.

Should I wait for the program to be accredited if I want to do the Masters?

There is no need to wait for the program to be accredited before commencing a subject. Any subjects you complete can be counted as credit towards the Master of Legal Business.


The College of Law is a self-accrediting body, like a university. Accreditation allows you to enrol in the full degree. To accredit the Master of Legal Business we need to have the minimum number of subjects (12) fully developed which we anticipate doing by end June 2019 if not earlier.


By successfully completing doing the assessment for these initial subjects you will be able to count them as credit towards the Master of Legal Business after that time. By taking a single subject you can try a subject before committing to the larger degree and apply the skills you learn immediately in your workplace.

Is this program like a legal MBA?

The program is similar to an MBA as it is designed to equip technically-proficient professionals with a broad range of business skills and knowledge. However unlike most MBAs, this program is designed expressly for professionals - and not just lawyers - wanting to develop a career in the legal services industry whether in private practice or in-house.

Do I need a law degree to undertake any of the subjects?

Anyone can undertake the subjects as standalone short courses. However it is assumed you have a law or other bachelor's degree and at least three years' experience in a legal or suitably-related environment.

Is the Master of Legal Business Program an approved Practice Management Course?

The Master of Legal Business is independent of the Legal Practice Management (LPM) Course and is a 12-subject degree at Masters level covering similar topics but at a level appropriate to a Masters level program. You will need to complete the LPM Course to be eligible to practise as a principal of a law practice in Australia. The College runs LPM Courses in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. View details here.

Can I earn CPD points for this subject?

Australian and New Zealand students can earn 10 CPD points towards satisfaction of your CPD requirements. However, you may still need to complete some mandatory CPD. You should check the requirements in your state with your local law society.

Is it suitable for overseas students?

The College is currently offering single non-award subjects which are 6 weeks long.  At this stage most of the subjects have a face-to-face attendance component in Sydney. Information about the location of the face to face workshops and the subject fees are
available here.


There will be a fully online subject on “Fundamental Technologies Shaping Legal Services” available in May 2019 which you are welcome to enrol in and apply for a credit into the MLB degree once it is accredited by June 2019. We can let you know as more 100% online subjects become available. Depending on demand, the MLB will have a mix of blended and 100% online subjects. More information about this will be made available soon.

Are there other subject areas planned ?

In addition to the subjects listed here, the following subject areas will be progressively available from later in 2019.

  • Finance and accounting
  • Aligning people
  • Leading self and teams
  • Business strategy
  • Creating and sharing value
  • Digitisation and digitalisation