Eligibility, CPD, prerequisites and more

Is this program like an MBA?

The Master of Legal Business is similar to an MBA because it equips you with advanced business skills and knowledge. However, it’s tailored specifically to the needs of those who work in legal services – both lawyers and other qualified professionals.

Do I need a law degree to undertake the Master of Legal Business and other learning options?

No. However, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree with at least three years’ experience working in a legal services environment or similar.

Is the Master of Legal Business an approved Legal Practice Management (LPM) course?

The Master of Legal Business is independent of our LPM Course. Although it covers some similar topics, the Master of Legal Business is at a Master’s level.

The LPM Course is specifically designed for professionals who wish to practise as a principal of a law practice in Australia.

Can I earn CPD points if I study a single subject?

If you’re an Australian or New Zealand resident, you can earn 10 CPD points from a single subject to satisfy your CPD requirements. However, you may still need to complete some mandatory CPD.

Please check the requirements in your state or territory with your local law society.

Can I complete any of the award programs remotely (e.g. from overseas)?

All subjects are delivered online so you can undertake them from anywhere. 

If I undertake a single subject, can I automatically enrol into one of the award programs (i.e. Master of Legal Business, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate)?

No. You will need to apply for the award programs separately and apply for prior learning credit for any single subjects completed. (Note: you may only claim credit for a maximum of three subjects).

To learn more about the enrolment process, please call +61 2 9965 7174 or via the Online Enquiry Form.