Download your Guide to Starting a Law Firm


Getting serious about starting your own law firm? Congratulations.
It’s a courageous but exciting life


We’ve created this guide to equip you with practical
tips for establishing a successful law firm. Complete with
checklists, activities and other resources, we hope this guide will
set you on the right path – from the outset

What's inside?

- A readiness self-assessment to make sure you are ready
- A SWOT analysis tool to help you start your business planning
- Your start-up costs spreadsheet to help understand the financials
- Your start-up marketing checklist to ensure you cover off the essentials
- A case study with lessons and tips from someone who has been through the journey of starting a law firm


"This is what I would say to anyone determined to start their own law firm: if I can do it, so can you!"
Amanda Mead Principal Lawyer, Co-owner, Everyday-Legal

Download the guide

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