Business of Law

Subject Overview

Deepen your existing professional knowledge and skills for application in legal practice

Business of Law is is a six-week blended subject. It consists of five online modules, activities, a two-day workshop and assessment.

The mode of instruction will include self-paced study with practical activities or discussion forums, case study analysis, presentations and an interactive workshop.

On successful completion of the subject students will be able to:

  1. Identify and critically analyse the major components of the legal services ecosystem
  2. Analyse the macro trends that are shaping the ecosystem and the implications of future trends
  3. Critically analyse the difference between business models and business strategies of the major actors
  4. Assess the strategic potential of digital transformation in your organisation
  5. Analyse the roles of institutional and personal values-based leadership in the social, political and ethical dimensions of the legal services ecosystem.
  6. Consider the application of applied research in relation to a business of law issue

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