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About Single Subjects

By enrolling in a standalone single subject, you'll develop skills and knowledge quickly
in a particular area of your interest. You can choose to undertake any course from
our wide range of legal business subjects. Each subject is a 6-week commitment.

If you decide to enrol in one of our award programs, your single subject may 
count as credit if you successfully undertake the assessments.


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legal business professionals

Extensive tools & resources

Insights from global leaders in legal services innovation
Guidance from professionals who run their own firms
Presentations from industry experts
Practice-based activities

Undertaking a single subject

You will have access to our full range of subjects. Each subject is a 6-week standalone course.


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Note: When you enrol in a single subject, you are not automatically enrolled in the Master of Legal Business, Graduate Diploma of Legal Business or the Graduate Certificates. However any subject you complete may contribute as credit towards one of these programs if you decide to pursue it later.

You may also be eligible to claim CPD points for your single subject study. Rules vary from state to state.


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