Study Guidelines

Study Rules

These rules, along with our terms and conditions, form the contractual agreement between The College of Law and people undertaking a Master of Legal Business subject.


To be eligible for a Master of Legal Business subject, you need to have either: a law degree, a bachelor’s degree with at least a year of relevant work experience working in the legal service industry, or at least 5 years' relevant work experience in the legal service industry.

Competency & proficiency

By enrolling in a subject, you’re confirming that your computer literacy is sufficient to complete the subject.

Students from non-English speaking countries who have not completed their undergraduate degree at an English-speaking university must supply an IELTS Certificate. The minimum score requirements for each IELTS learning competency area are:

  • Writing - Level 8
  • Listening - Level 7
  • Speaking - Level 7.5
  • Reading - Level 7
  • Overall - Level 7.5

Satisfactory completion

After you complete a subject, you’ll receive a Completion Certificate. Successful completion requires you to:

  • Satisfactorily participate in the subject
  • Successfully complete all assessable and non-assessable activities
  • Attend and participate in workshops and/or conferences
  • Complete all preliminary interactive activities
  • Achieve at least 50% for each assessment

If you know that you’ll be absent from scheduled activities, you must notify your Teaching Fellow in advance and request an extension (see Appendix 2 of the Master of Legal Business Programs Manual).

Assessment rules

The assessment rules for the Master of Legal Business apply - see Appendix 2 of the Master of Legal Business Programs Manual.

You’ll receive feedback on assessments via our Learning Portal. You can also access results via our Career Portal as soon as they are released.

If your assessments are interrupted (due to a reason outside of your control), you can apply for special consideration. You can do this by submitting an application with all supporting documents to your subject’s Teaching Fellow.

Academic conduct

The academic conduct policies and procedures for the Master of Legal Business apply to both single subject and award study enrolments.

Compliance with The College’s policies, procedures & rules

All students, including enrolled students, must comply with the policies, procedures and rules in the Master of Legal Business Programs Manual.

Credit for the Master of Legal Business

You may be eligible to convert up to three subjects into credit for the Master of Legal Business, Graduate Diploma or the Graduate Certificates.

Credit from external sources do not contribute towards our Graduate Certificates. The maximum credit that may be granted towards other award programs from all external sources is 50%.

Complaints & disputes

The complaints and disputes policies and procedures for The College’s Master of Legal Business Programs apply - see Section 4 of the Master of Legal Business Programs Manual.


Terms & Conditions

Cancellation refunds

If you wish to cancel your enrolment for a subject, you need to provide at least 10 business days’ notice to receive a full refund. No refund applies if you provide less than 10 days’ notice.


You can change to another subject at no charge, if:

  • You submit your transfer request at least 14 calendar days prior to the subject intake start date
  • The subject you wish to transfer to is available

A 10% administration fee will apply if you request to transfer within 10 business days of the subject’s start date. No transfers are possible after a subject has begun.


If you are unable to attend a subject you’re enrolled in, another person can attend in your place for free if:

  • You inform us in writing before the subject starts
  • You and your replacement (who also meets the eligibility criteria) agree to our terms and conditions

We don’t accept substitutes after a subject start date.


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