Feedback from the first students of the Master of Legal Business subjects

Legal professionals like you are enrolling in our Master of Legal Business subjects.

We’ve seen attendees from a wide range of job functions and types of organisations – private firms, in-house and government. We asked them about various aspects of the experience in these short videos all less than two minutes long.

I'm a Special Counsel and in that role I'm responsible for attracting work in growing the firm and also my own personal brand and my personal client base. This course has really helped to give me some tools and some strategic approaches to developing the work I do and the success of the firm.

Fiona McLay, Rankin Business Lawyers

Special Counsel

A lot of the work has been online which makes it feasible for me as a busy lawyer and also with a young family. There's been one face-to-face component up in Sydney, but it's been intensive so over two days and that's worked really well I think to complement the online experience. The breadth of the materials has been great, and I have learned a lot.

Ella Cannon, Hive Legal

Senior Associate

I found Joel to be a really great presenter. He is really knowledgeable. He's got great examples of what's happening in the industry. His knowledge is brilliant and this has certainly sharpened my skills and updated them and I have the confidence now to take them back to my firm on and use them on a day to day basis and make sure that everyone within the firm has a really good clear understanding of our marketing strategy and where we'll be taking it forward.

Kerrie Billings, Tonkin Legal Group

Practice Manager

The great thing about the MLB is that I can just do some of it or I can do all of it. Right now I’m committed to doing a couple of units and seeing how it goes. It’s important to me that it’s a practical course and not an academic course. It’s really important for me that I can take insights back to my work, that I can use straight away and that … I can share with people in the team.

Steve Miller, TelstraSuper and TelstraSuper Financial Planning

General Counsel & Company Secretary 

By doing this course and seeing how other people are doing it and looking at case studies, it gives me many more ideas that I can use in the context of my work and they’re relevant ones. You can take innovation and see how it works in one industry or another but this one’s more specific to the legal sector and it gets the heads of the lawyers and the people we’re working with. It makes it much more implementable than something that’s more theoretical.

Peter Campbell, Hall & Wilcox

Director Client Solutions

I think it’s a good course for managing partners, I think it’s also a good course for people in higher executive areas but I think it would also for a lawyer who has just perhaps gone beyond the associate stage and is starting to think about what their individual practice is going to be and what their individual brand is going to be.

Tim O’Callaghan, Piper Alderman

National Deputy Managing Partner

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