Pricing legal services

Make sure your pricing reflects your organisation's value 

Pricing strategies have since become much more sophisticated over recent years, responding to competitive
markets and commercially savvy clients who are increasingly demanding evidence of value for the services
provided by their legal professionals. Find out the latest thinking on pricing and apply it to your own organisation. 

Understand contemporary thinking in legal services pricing 

What do I get when I study Pricing legal services?

A subject in or credit towards the Master of Legal Business

Online Learning


Taught by Nigel Haddon

Welcome with Nigel Haddon (Teaching Fellow)

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Who is this subject designed for?

If you are responsible for pricing legal services in your organisation then this is the subject for you.


Accounting: Financial management for optimal performance

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What will I learn?

On successful completion of the subject you will be able to:

  1. Explain the economic and psychological factors influencing the pricing of legal services across markets
  2. Critique innovative pricing strategies in the legal services market
  3. Formulate and assess strategic and tactical pricing decisions within a legal context
  4. Apply effective and appropriate communication skills and methods for the audience, context and purpose

Your Teaching Fellow

Nigel Haddon

Nigel spent nine years as the Managing Partner of a medium sized regional law firm in
the UK and has 30+ years’ experience as a practising solicitor. He is a former chair of the
Law Society’s Law Management Section. He is now the Managing Director of his own
consultancy firms, Nigel Haddon Consulting Ltd.

Nigel has worked with the UK’s leading pricing consultancy, Burcher Jennings, since
2014 and has now trained almost 100 law firms in the UK and Europe in pricing. Nigel’s
experience in private practice is seen by his client firms as a significant asset in his
training role. Nigel has presented on pricing, often as key note speaker, at conferences
throughout the UK and Europe.
Nigel also works with law firm leaders as a critical friend and advises law firms on mergers
and acquisitions.

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