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3 vital components of an effective change management strategy with Steven Walker


Steven Walker, Master of Legal Business Teaching Fellow, recently sat down with Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu of The Legal Ops Podcast to discuss change management in relation to legal teams, covering:

- What is change management and why is it necessary?

- Are lawyers more difficult to change than other professionals?

- The three vital components of an effective change management strategy.

- Real-world examples of organisational change that went well, and why.

- The state of the legal ops market and what the future will look like.


Have a listen to this episode of the Legal Ops podcast here or via your chosen podcast provider: iTunes, Spotify, or TuneIn.


Steven is the Managing Director of Elevate’s Law Department and Contracts Consulting Business (APAC). Steven helps legal departments, law firms and legal services providers innovate in their offerings. He has pioneered multiple global and regional transformations, and implemented complex solutions that blend technology, processes, people strategies and sourcing models.

Steven is also the Teaching Fellow for two Master of Legal Business subjects – Operational Excellence: Operations and continuous improvement and Operational Excellence: Transforming legal services.